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Dating a hundi man

Hindus never accept gifts from strangers or unknown persons. Hugging and Embracing: Hugging and embracing is found in Hindu culture; but it is restricted to close relatives, Guru/disciples and associates that too in a private place.In Mahabharatha and Ramayana we find this very often.Purity Purity and its opposite, pollution, are vitally important in Hindu culture.Purity is of three forms -- purity in mind, speech and body, or thought, word and deed.Children are trained to refer to all adults as auntie or uncle.Only people of the same age will address each other by first name. When referring to him she uses terms such as "my husband," "him" or, for example, "Athan, Mama, etc.,". TOUCHING FEET IN RESPECT: One touches the feet of holy men and women in recognition of their great humility and inner attainment.Here are several ways purity is preserved in Hindu culture. PURITY AND FOOD: Purity is central to food and nutrition, as the nature of one's nourishment deeply affects the entire physical, mental and emotional nature.

This is because the right hand possesses a powerful, aggressive pranic force, and an energy that moves the forces of the world.

Nor would one offer something to another from which one has taken a bite or a sip. FLOWER OFFERINGS: One does not sniff flowers picked for offering to the Deities; even the smell is for the Gods, not for us.

Flowers that fall to the ground should not be offered. OFFERINGS: Offerings, such as an archana basket, flowers or garlands, are carried with both hands on the right side of the body, so as to not be breathed on.

In daily life, the Hindu strives to protect this innate purity by wise living, following the codes of dharma.

This includes harnessing the sexual energies, associating with other virtuous Hindu devotees, never using harsh, angered or indecent language, and keeping a clean and healthy physical body.

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