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Cupidtino dating

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“Sharing our love of Apple is a nice starting point,” said Lindsey Arasmith, a 25-year-old college student from Sunnyvale who was weaned on Apple products by her programmer dad. But it’s comforting to have that base to fall back on, so that it’s not a completely blind date.” Contact Patrick May at 408-920-5689.

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So I didn’t feel awkward talking to her about my Mac for an hour, whereas other people might think I’m talking too much about my Mac.” Agarwal, who’s still friends with the woman, has a lot of company.

With 28,000 active members, Cupidtino has become a gathering place for the Apple-intoxicated to share their Mac passions, swap i Pad stories, bad-mouth PC users, and maybe, just maybe, find life’s ultimate app. I rolled up my sleeves and started the site.” A day after he launched the site in June, more than 6,000 users had signed up.

Somehow, My Free Implants counted as a dating site even though at its core it’s a money exchange service.To think there are people who thought this is what people would love to donate to, not clean water or food for starving children.One dating website on this list that we’re actually sorry it didn’t pan out as it could’ve been great for the people it was intended for.It all started last spring, when founder Mel Sampat got into an argument with his girlfriend over, yup, his new i Pad. She punches numbers for PG&E and meets with regulators. After a blogger picked it up, traffic started climbing.“I was super excited and I kept pushing it towards her over the dinner table,” said the 31-year-old San Francisco app developer. I’m this geek startup guy developing i Phone apps at home in my pj’s. Next time I date someone, I’ll be sure to ask if she’s a Mac or a PC.’ “ The next morning in the shower, said Sampat, a light bulb went off. After all, it was free to join, free to set up a profile, free to reach out to other users and only .79 a month to receive messages back.

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“The first thing we talked about was apps,” said Agarwal.