Cri liquidating reit

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Cri liquidating reit

Properties included in a REIT portfolio may include apartment complexes, data centers, health care facilities, hotels, infrastructure—in the form of fiber cables, cell towers, and energy pipelines—office buildings, retail centers, self-storage, timberland, and warehouses.

Most REITs specialize in a specific real estate sector, focusing their time, energy, and funding on that particular segment of the entire real estate horizon.

However, diversified and specialty REITs often hold different types of properties in their portfolios.

To qualify as a REIT, a company must comply with certain provisions in the Internal Revenue Code.

At this time, the final distribution date is undetermined.

MBS are investments holding pools of mortgages issued by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

Their earnings come primarily from the net interest margin—the spread between the interest they earn on mortgage loans and the cost of funding these loans.

These entities buy, own and manage income-producing real estate.

Revenues come primarily through rents and not from the reselling of the portfolio properties.

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We will continue to update the GREIT website with information as it becomes available. A: A single promissory note in the principal amount of $12,000,000.