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There's nothing quite like a rotating cube to catch everybody's attention.

Of course, Compiz isn't just about the "wow" factor. When properly installed and configured it can rival the best and bring your Xfce desktop on par with more recent desktops such as Cinnamon.

This is an important addition for users who live abroad, or which language is from a different locale than their regional settings. This is important to people who want to write Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and a few other languages which require characters or symbols which aren’t present on the keyboard.

The Language Settings now let you choose and install your input method.

If you are going to use compiz, install "ccsm" from yum or the packagemanager open it.

Under windows decoration, you'll find the settings for the title bar, borders, etc. Looks like compiz is the default window manager for you which gets launched at startup. Are you using plain vanilla Compiz from Fedora or Compiz-fusion?

If you don't use compiz, I'd suggest you read some guides before installing and using.

A line no longer represents a single package but a software update which consists in one or several packages.

When a developer fixes a bug or writes new features, the source code is modified and all packages which are related to it become available under a new version.

It is therefore futile and sometimes dangerous to apply some package updates and not others within the same source package.

You switched to the default window manager, metacity.

I'm not sure why you lost the title bars in compiz, but I've done it in the openbox windows manager before.

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By grouping these updates the Update Manager prevents you from applying incomplete updates while making it easier for you to review them (updates make more sense and there's far less than before to review).

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