Christian adult dating problems

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Christian adult dating problems

It is exceedingly difficult to give Christian relationship advice when we do not personally know the people involved, we are not receiving all of the details, and/or we are only receiving one side of the story.

We do not presume to speak for God in giving authoritative relationship advice to Christians. It is our advice that you speak with God about your relationship.

In the discussion, there is both struggle to identify with and encouragement to provide hope. But I think I indulge my human nature alot, too, and I compromise and make excuses for my falling short. I try to cling to Romans 5:1-5, Jeremiah , Matthew -34, and many Psalms to encourage me in this area.

The true identities of the individuals will remain anonymous. EI: But in always striving, God honors us by rewards here on earth.

If you ask God with an open heart and humble spirit, He will give you the relationship advice you need.

Finally, find wise counsel with mature Christians who have been married for many years and have walked with God all that time.

Seek guidance from your pastor, elders or other mature church leaders.

We will always strive to tell you what the Bible has to say about a given situation.

Is sharing your faith one of the most important things you consider when searching for love and fellowship? Christian Seniors™ is committed to your needs as a Christian bringing authentic Christian principles, resources and modern dating technology together.

The use of online dating sites has increased greatly in recent years.

It can be frustrating to deal with this issue and feel discouraged. It wasn't until near my 29th birthday that I married. He wants to make sure that you are sold out to Him before you commit to some woman. What I am saying is that so often people give me these "pat" answers and totally ignore my struggle. I know I have been down somewhat, but my answer is no. I want to love God alone exclusive of all other things as that letter calls for...I think that while here on earth....

Below are excerpts from a cyber discussion between two Christian brothers regarding the struggle of being a Christian young adult single. The responses, though, although given out of good motive ... It is a whole different ballgame for those of us who have told God that we want to do what He wants us to do. Their answers are true and are great..out of context and in improper timing, they are frustrating. I will only progress towards such levels and not perfectly achieve them. I never question that, and I do not get angry with Him.

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