Checkpoint accommodating english language learners

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Checkpoint accommodating english language learners

Why not ask ourselves WHY we would want to learn in the first place?Below is a shortened version of the structure from CAST’s website organized both horizontally and vertically.Below are short samples from Part Two of the document.Several of the teachers who used the “Me as a Learner” form adapted it for their learners of different ages and skill levels.There has to be a reason or purpose for my learning.When I thought about this, I got it why UDL starts with Multiple Means of Engagement. It is not about what someone else teaches me unless that is what I prefer or wish to learn specific information that I cannot find on my own.I realized I was not focusing on what I’m passionate about and now wish to define my WHY so I can inspire others to define theirs.

This made so much sense to me, so I updated my materials to represent the changes.After working with teachers and different schools for the past few years, I received feedback that kids and teachers need more information to figure out who they are as learners using Universal Design for Learning (UDL).As a co-author on our book, How to Personalize Learning, Kathleen Mc Claskey and I created a checklist for teachers to use with their students called “Who I am as a Learner” that was based on starting with the WHAT.I decided to explore the UDL Guidelines and checkpoints from my perspective as a learner.I know that I need to be motivated first about something new that I want or need to learn.

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