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Chat amy

On one of our previous adventures in Las Vegas, Eric had pushed the limits of my Scorpio temper with our old friend Mona, while I had been forced to observe the fulfillment of a portion of his sexual bucket list. There was something exciting and naughty about strange men asking me personal questions where I could answer very honestly without them knowing me. I would need a return trip from The Stranger for that and Eric had another business trip coming up soon.

I decided that my adventure with Number One and Number Two had been the prequel to an appropriate finale. I paused for a moment to contemplate the question before answering thoughtfully, "Well you know how lonely I can get sometimes baby. And conversely, I could be very provocative in my questions back to them.""And what kind of questions were those? "Have a great trip babe," I said as I gave Eric a kiss goodbye, "I'll see you Friday night.

"Why yes, yes it does," I replied as he disappeared down the staircase and I heard the front door as it closed behind him.

The next few days passed slowly as I waited for Eric to return from his business trip.

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I wanted him here with his 10 1/2" of manhood and I wanted him to have me again. "Take your time," I answered, "I need to get ready and make a quick call first. "Perfect," He typed, "See you then."I moved quickly to the shower and washed myself thoroughly before drying off and opening my lingerie drawer.

After a little playful banter with some of the masses, my attention was redirected by the arrival of The Stranger on line. ""No," I typed after a slight pause, "Just you." I knew I wanted him right this moment.

Unlike last time, there would be no need for me to stroke him to readiness. I reached out and grasped the base of his thick cock, then gave him a long wet lick from base to tip before wrapping my lips around the head and sucking on it softly.

The Stranger grasped my hair on each side of my head and held it firmly while he slowly force fed me my gift inch by inch.

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"I really had a great time tonight." I said to them both softly. Maybe you'll catch me on line again."As he turned to leave I asked him, "What should I call you?

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