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I've looked at the FAQ and have unchecked the autodetect language from browser option. Chaturbate model Zoe Xrydher gives a video tutorial on the Chaturbate chatroom settings.It appears in the as English (fr) rather than Français.English (en) and English (fr) appear on the language menu.This helps you determine which users you should give more attention and which ones are the freeloaders.Sort Users: This option changes the list view of all the users in your room.Having a larger font can make it easier to read from a distance.Emoticons: Choose whether or not you want emoticons to show up in your chat.

You can tell how much the users tip, which ones have tokens, which ones don’t have tokens, who your fan club members are and if there’s other broadcasters in your room.

Chaturbate allows models to tweak a ride range of settings in their chatrooms.

There are many uses for this, such as identifying the users with tokens that tip regularly, changing fonts to make things more creative or easier to read and more options.

It doesn't matter what I select, the interface is always in English.

On my colleague's older version moodle site, the languages appear as English and Français. Should I have set the language before creating any content?

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