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Catholic dating for converts

Some of my failure to understand important truths stemmed from pride, but some of it originated from my misperceptions of the Christian life.

I thought that because we a lot about our Catholic faith that the Church was really lucky to have us.

) Another point should be made here: Converts almost always are in conflict with the cultural currents — the modernism — they faced.

We were new converts and had just moved back to our hometown and a new parish.I did not publish my conversion memoir until nearly 20 years after entering the Church — .When I first began receiving invitations to tell my conversion story, I felt a certain reluctance, precisely for the reason stated by Mills: I did not want to pretend that I had suddenly become an expert on the Catholic Church.I remember cringing at receiving a standing ovation at a conference in California after such a speech — “A Baptist Becomes a Catholic.” I had been given this greatest of all gifts — given, not forged on my own — and I felt awkward.Though I see the glimmer of good sense in what Mills argues, I can’t nod my head at claims such as, “The convert enters the Church at a disadvantage, because he enters it late when he has been deeply formed by another tradition.” In my case, I read and was counseled for over ten years before I made the plunge, including dealing with a year-long annulment process. Are cradles to be our teachers merely because they were born to the faith and presumably know better?

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If it’s true, how could we not want to participate in it?