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Working with Esther Povitsky and Shay Mitchell, it’s a dream cast.And Jordan Weiss, our creator, she’s 26 years old and so we’re really getting to hear this story told from someone our age and I think that’s so incredibly rare.A lot of things on which I have been working for the last couple of years, like we’ve been recording for the last almost three years, and they all decided to come out in the same summer.[laughs] BT: I love that Secret Obsession is a bit of a secret project. I think that people have already seen it and all of a sudden, I sat one day and watched all two seasons, all at once, I was like “Oh my Gosh, I’m obsessed!A couple of years ago, I never thought that they would be so open to an Asian-American lead.I know that Disney – I will say this, they were ahead of the curve with always doing colour-blind casting.Standards and Practices is very different, I joke around that we don’t have an F word count [laughs] and that’s something I’m not used to.

) were expecting their first child together, Song was out and about in L. Although Cyrus was not by her side, Song was wearing her sparkling engagement ring.

BT: Who were some of the key collaborators with whom you’d like to work again? I mean that cast was one of my favorites, I would love to work with them again.

I would love to work again with Giovanni Ribisi and Martin Mull and Wellesley Wild’s so outspoken and have done – Dermot Mulroney, Odette Annable, it was incredible, they really felt like a family when I was working with them and it was such a different kind of project for me. I would always think that it would be fun to always jump back to a Disney day and work with the twins (Dylan and Cole Sprouse), who are so cool.

The film was only just announced but we had a feeling it would be super popular, so it was a priority that we speak with the gregarious and friendly star of the movie. Brief Take: You have a lot of projects being released at the same time!

Despite not being able to talk about it directly, Song was still able to make us want to watch the film greatly (streaming tomorrow! Brenda Song: I feel very grateful that this is a crazy summer and year for me.

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BT: And, as you mentioned, it’s a show that’s driven by women, including Kat as a producer and star. Kat is not only an incredible actress but she’s such an amazing hands-on producer. It was also a Margot Robbie-produced project, with Luckychap, and Brett Hedblom who is one of her producing partners, this was one of their first television projects and so we felt collaborative and it really did feel like a dream project.