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This is especially a good idea if the two of you have been together for a while; it's a great thing to do on your birthday with your boyfriend, no matter who is doing the planning.

Visiting the place where you had your first date (or first kiss) will bring back all those pleasant memories of when you first started getting to know each other.

Try to find a hotel near you that has nicer rooms, such as soft bedding, amazing views, or a Jacuzzi tub.

Some hotels even have romance packages that include things like champagne and chocolates.

If you can't afford a spa treatment, then give your partner a massage yourself at home.

Whatever type of art you choose to make, be sure it features colors, pictures, or words your lover will appreciate.

If your idea of a romantic birthday includes making love, start it off by having the birthday person "unwrap" you.

Having your partner remove your clothes or "wrapping" will be a thrill for both of you. Each coupon entitles your partner to an activity (or to a night off from an activity).

Teams like the Milwaukee Brewers sell messages on their scoreboard for 0 to 0 as a fundraiser. Spice it up a little and write things you love or appreciate about your partner.

Your words will be so much more special than anything Hallmark writes.

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