Avoid dating pitfalls

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And if you can avoid picking up men at fast-food restaurants in the future, even better.5. Melissa Roske, ACC, founder of Wheels in Motion Coaching (The Clam Where you met him: At your local Starbucks. Instead of shooting him, try this: Take a deep, cleansing breath and say, "Well, now that you've heard all about me, let's find out about YOU! It's important to try to meet a variety of men, but if you discover that someone is simply not your cup of tea, don't torture yourself. Wheels In Motion Coaching.com), is a New York University-trained Life and Personal Coach, committed to helping clients to realize their potential and to successfully attain their goals.How to Spot Em (this is based on the typical entrepreneur.

After an hour of intense conversation - and a small amount of innocent smooching - he asked to see you again, this time for a quiet dinner at your favorite sushi place.

If you'd planned to go out of dinner, feign a stomachache and suggest going to a movie instead. The place was packed, so he came over to your table and asked if he could join you.

Once the lights have dimmed, you can make a beeline for the concessions stand and snag some snacks. He was at the counter, ordering a Special Value Meal; you were sitting at a table, munching your way through a thigh-wing combo. You were almost finished eating, so you saw no reason to refuse.

Perfect is hard, if not downright impossible, to find. But the thing is, even if most women are prepared to endure a few dud dates for the cause of happily-ever-afterness, there's a certain subspecies of male that deserves to be given a wide, wide berth - the Date from Hell!

Of course, it would be wonderful if you never had to be in this sorry situation - ever. I-Think-I'm-Jerry-Seinfeld Where you met him: In a line at Caroline's Comedy Club, waiting for the 8pm show. " After chatting with him for about an hour (hey, you had time to kill), he asked you to the sold-out Robin Williams show next week.

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Maybe the date just got off on the wrong foot, that's all. Set Up Where you met him: At your front door (a blind day, unfortunately).