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Over the past three years, something special and wonderful happened to me—I joined the ranks of married pastors.The beautiful tsunami of parenting has recently crashed into my pastoral ministry as well.Yet Paul is not arguing for one or the other as right or wrong. In my single years, I had a massive amount of time to spend with people, projects, sermon preparation, prayer, and weekly emergencies and surprises. Please forgive me if I am not able to keep up with you! Focus Paul notes in 1 Corinthians 7 that the married are necessarily “anxious about worldly things,” but the unmarried are “free from anxieties.” My experience in both categories would definitely affirm this teaching.Rather, he is giving wise apostolic counsel regarding how the marital state affects life and ministry experience. I loved being a pastor, and the amount of time I could put toward pastoral ministry would have been sinful neglect of family for a married pastor. Billy Graham acknowledged this difference in a letter to the lifelong single John Stott. For those 20 years of single pastoring, my thoughts were substantially focused on the church. My mind moved there naturally with problem solving, creativity, prayer, sermon prep, and so on.I have previously written in defense of singleness in the pastoral role.When I wrote the article, I had served as a single pastor for 19 years—14 as a senior pastor.Now that I am married, those activities have lessened by necessity. Of course, my single years were also my younger years. He must think about his wife and her needs, his children if he has them, domestic cares, health issues in the family, conflict resolution, and the ebbs and flows of family life. The advantages of singleness do not diminish the advantages of marriage, nor vice versa. Paul also calls marriage a gift, and it provides real advantages in ministry too. Maturity, Love, and Spiritual Growth I begin with this advantage, because it is the most pronounced. The highs of marriage are greater than anything I experienced in my singleness.

What more can you ask for in a Christian dating site.

A weekly chance to mingle with friends and foster a thriving spiritual life, members of this group create meaningful friendships and are active in serving the church.

Join other Christians and learn from them, laugh with them and find a home in this community.

Sex in marriage is a mutual right and a weapon in the fight against sexual temptation.

It is at least a consideration when deciding whether to trade the gift of celibacy for the gift of marriage.

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The only addition I would like to see is verified accounts to know that the person is really who they say they are.

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