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Among the Kurdish Hamawand tribe the paternal male cousin must give his consent for the marriage to take place, though in the southern Kurdish regions the cousin right is not as strongly emphasized.Among Arabs and Berbers in Morocco the cousin right has also traditionally prevailed.The right of the paternal male cousin is such that a shaykh may not be able to prevail against it.Among the Bedouin it can happen that a paternal male cousin can lodge a complaint after the marriage has taken place, compelling the father to reimburse the bride price or have the marriage annulled.In the upper and middle classes the young man was seldom allowed to see the face of his female cousin after she reached puberty.Cousin marriage was not only among Muslims but also among Egyptian Copts in the past century although to lesser extent amounting 7% of all Coptic marriages.In Egypt cousin marriage may have been even more prevalent than in Arabia in past periods, with one source from the 1830s observing that it was common among Egyptian Arabs and native Egyptian Muslims in villages within Egypt but less so in Cairo where first cousin marriage accounts 35 percent of marriages in Cairo than in other parts of Egypt.

Here the girl is not forced to marry her paternal male cousin but she cannot marry another unless he gives consent.Cousin marriage was practiced in Medina during Muhammad's time, but out of 113 recorded marriages in one sample only 15 were between abnaa 'amm or paternal cousins of any degree.There is a strong preference for marrying a first cousin, but no specific preference for the father's brother's daughter.Father's brother's daughter was most common but still only represented 38% of all cousin marriages, while 62% were with first or second cousins.But most families had either no cousin marriages or only one, while for a few the rate was as high as 70%.

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