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Due to their success, the duo were recognized as one of the most successful female music acts to emerge in the early decade and have established themselves as the most successful Russian act to date.

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Você sabia que na Grécia antiga era comum as pessoas se juntarem aos domingos e irem comer pastel na feira? Enquanto sai um palmitão com caldo de cana você pode ouvir a nova edição do Mosqueteiros.

Essa semana Dhiogo Revert, Evandro de Freitas e Gabriel Goes conversam sobre uns cavalos meio perdidos, um russo meio cavalo e uma briga de transito que parece parecer ação de marketing para divulgar o novo filme do Tarantino.

Despite the manufactured nature of the group, they managed to stick together until as recently as March. The film has yet to be released in the United States, on DVD or otherwise.

In 2007, they starred in a Roland Joffe film, , which followed a young American woman (played by Mischa Barton) who bonds with a Russian teenager over her love of t. Don't Miss: Celebs Who Have Inspired Hit Songs Celebrities tend to stick to their own kind, so it's no surprise that with all that VIP partying and hobnobbing, some stars have managed to influence others in very major ways.

The brainchild of manager/video director Ivan Shapovalov, t. Their first album, 200 po Vstriechnoy (200 km/h in the Wrong Lane) was a top hit in Russia in 2001.The show will air its 56th episode by January 26, 2007.It is unmistakably a worldwide television phenomenon.The videos and hit songs such as "Ya Soshla S Uma" ("All The Things She Said") and "Nas Ne Dagoniat" ("Not Gonna Get Us") brought them international popularity and an English-version release of their album in 2002, helping them make the leap from stars on MTV Russia to stars on MTV in the United States.Following the success of their first album and tour, they cast aside their manager and their lesbian façade and in 2005 released albums in English and Russian, Dangerous and Moving and Ludi Invalidi.

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