Are jacob latimore and cymphonique miller dating

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At the young age of 11 he moved to Atlanta to pursue his career in music and entertainment industry.His talent was spotted by Joy Pervis who became his agent and he booked Jacob in commercials, music and voice-overs.I am 14 now so its a good thing she didnt do any of that stuff while she was pregnant with me. Jay says he thinks Lamont is too dangerous for me and he only wants to get in my pants, but Ive known Lamont for some time now, and I dont believe that for a second! I have both my mother and father involved in my life and I love them to death. I am 14 years old, that means me and cymphonique has been bestfriends for 14 years. We went to the same daycare, elementry school, and now middle school. I love romance stories, so I decided to write my own about my two favorite singer... I live life to the fullest with no worries about what is going to happen tommorow. Sometimes I get concerned about where I am and who im with.I have this bestfriend who I love in the whole world. He never lied to me, he always keeps it real, and he has been the perfect gentleman ever since I met him. When my mom was on crack his mom took her in and now my mom has been clean for 17 years! My dad died last year in a car crash, but that was 2 years ago. Jacob dosent exactly like him, but this isnt his life...MINE! If I think you are a bad influence I will call you out on it and I will literaly band you from my life. All I could do at the time was just be there for her and protect her as if her dad would.Cymphonique Miller (Los Angeles, 1 de agosto de 1996) conhecida profissionalmente como Cymphonique é uma atriz, cantora, compositora, rapper e dubladora norte-americana.Ela é filha de Percy Robert Miller (também conhecido como Master P) e a irmã de Romeo Miller (também conhecido com Lil' Romeo).

Her special skills include competitive kickboxing, swimming, drawing, and playing the piano.

He is son to Latitia Taylor and Jacob Latimore, Sr.

He was greatly inshpired from his father and uncles who were also singers and band member of the Latimore Brothers.

Miller stars in the new Nickelodeon series How to Rock, on which she has contributed to the music.

Miller has previously guest starred on Big Time Rush, True Jackson VP, The Troop and Just Jordan.

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Cymphonique is passionate about bringing awareness about kids with cancer, advocating healthy self esteem and empowerment for girls, promoting healthy living to students, and promoting education.

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