And hiv and dating

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And hiv and dating

Months after testing positive I was labeled “undetectable,” meaning that thanks to those antiretrovirals and access to good health care, I can no longer transmit the virus.

And while there have been amazing breakthroughs in science and in education regarding HIV and its transmission, sometimes dating with HIV still feels scary.

But in my experience, most of the time, people have been amazing and kind, and honestly way more educated about dating with HIV than I would have thought.

Dating can be scary, and dating with HIV can bring added stress.

My approach is to always be direct, and to trust that regardless of what anyone else says, I am OK just as I am.

That’s great news, and it should make those of us who maintain our undetectable status feel proud. But sex is about being comfortable with who you’re with and what you’re doing.

If having bareback sex with your partner would mean you stress out over potentially infecting him — even if those chances are almost zero — then wear a condom.

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