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amplifiers despite their higher cost, heavier weight, the need to periodically replace tubes and need to re-bias the output tubes (every year or two with moderate use).

The separate amplifier is called an amplifier head, and is commonly placed on top of one or more loudspeaker enclosures.Semiconductors are very heat-sensitive by comparison and this fact usually leads to compromises in solid-state amplifier designs. While solid-state devices are also replaceable, it is usually a much more involved process (i.e.having the amplifier tested by a professional, removing the faulty component, and replacing it).Combo amps have at least one Other jacks may also be provided, such as an additional input jack, "send" and "return" jacks to create an effects loop (for connecting electronic effects such as compression, reverb, etc.), an extension speaker jack (for connecting an additional speaker cabinet).Some smaller practice amps have stereo Some amplifiers have a line out jack for connecting the amplifier's signal to a PA system or recording console or to connect the amplifier to another guitar amp.

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Amplifiers with processors and software can emulate the basic tone of a classic amp anywhere from poorly to well, but the full response of these amplifiers may not feel the same to a player as the digital modeling does not accurately reproduce all aspects of a tube amplifier.