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Ainsley earhardt dating

Over a long enough timeline, that kind of dynamic can become difficult even for relationships with the strongest foundations.Considering Earhardt's already hectic schedule balancing her Fox News gig and the full-time duties of motherhood, it's pretty surprising that she takes on additional projects.When it comes to failed marriages, this isn't Ainsley Earhardt's first rodeo.Long before the South Carolina native walked down the aisle with William Proctor, she was married to a man named Kevin Mc Kinney, according to the describes Earhardt and Mc Kinney as college sweethearts who tied the knot in 2005.She has a steady salary of 2 million dollars as reported by the network and Ainsley Earhard’s net worth is currently climbing to 6 million dollars as it was calculated the last time.She remains one of the top earners in her industry which is musty owed to her popularity on FOX.At the time of this writing, neither Earhardt nor Proctor have publicly spoken out regarding the specific reasons for their break up, but there are a few curious possibilities about what may have prompted their separation. In fact, her career at the news channel didn't even really start until after she'd married William Proctor in 2012.

"I rely on my husband in the mornings because I'm working," she said.

Sources told the that Earhardt and Proctor had tried working on their relationship for years following Proctor's alleged affair, but it seems that wasn't enough to help Earhardt and Proctor reconnect and move on together.

An insider close to Proctor told Considering Proctor revealed he was "devastated" about his split from Earhardt in his public statement regarding their divorce — and that he "did not envision this for the future of [his] family" — it appears Earhardt was the one who determined that it was time to go their separate ways.

"Proctor was unfaithful with one of her closest friends a few years ago and there is evidence to prove it," the insider claimed. "Any marriage break-up is difficult but this made it extra heartwrenching for her." Proctor has insisted that dirt is simply not true.

"There is not one ounce of truth to the allegations that I had an affair," he said after filing for divorce from Earhardt.

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She was appointed with “Eyewitness News This Morning” and “Eyewitness News at Noon.” It was in 2007 that she started working for Fox and made a move to New York for her work.