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Some projects are more social services based, and participants may visit a nursing home or hospital to provide service there.Students develop a value of service, seeing the impact of their actions firsthand and transfer this desire to serve their communities back home.On shorter courses, participants will receive an introduction to leadership skills, strength of character and a desire to serve while activities fill most of the time and the pace is quick.With longer courses, the same outcomes and benefits are achieved with the opportunity to reach a more profound level of mastery as there are more chances to develop technical skills, receive and implement feedback and further personal development.

Are you ready to conquer harder skills and remind your senses (or discover for the first time) what it’s like to crest a mountain peak, hear the echoes at the edge of a vast canyon or feel the rush of white water spray on your face?However many days the expedition lasts, the strength and impact of the experience lasts a lifetime.Canoeing and wilderness navigation techniques are great practice for the essential skills and habits that help prepare for new challenges at work, home and in the community.Take a break from your routine, radically change your surroundings and test your tenacity.Put some “firsts” in front of you and find moments of unexpected discovery along the way.

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