Adult speed dating with chat

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Adult speed dating with chat

It is a great ice-breaker beforehand so worth joining in but not compulsory.Even if you come for the introductions at the bar it is better than just arriving for the party later when everyone is dancing and chatting to people they met earlier.You probably want to reveal something about the personality; great types of questions are those starting with "what would you do if...".After your date responds, say something to acknowledge him/her, elaborate on the conversation, give your own opinion and share your own experience about given topic.However, if you don't belong to this group, it is best to prepare few questions to start with.Common questions at speed dating will always be about hobbies and a career, but it is good to be original, make the other person laugh, make him/her intrigued.We keep our guest lists for 2 months so we can trace whoever it was at events during this period.We introduce at the bar 7pm until 7.45pm when we know enough people have arrived to start the Socialising Circle.

We can help people to stay in touch after an event if they text 07809 709099 with the name of the the person they would like us to pass their number to.We then form a big circle with ladies on the outside and men on the inside.The men move to the right when the whistle blows to the next lady for 15 mini chats lasting 3 minutes.People are usually interested in what they have to say, so try contributing to the given topic as best as you can.If you feel like switching to a different topic, do so casually and naturally.

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If you wish to make new single friends at our events it is always best to come earlier when we have soft back ground music from 7pm until 8.30pm as this is the best time to get chatting with people.