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Pacenza, 55 at the time, had been with the company for 19 years and says he could have retired in a year. has asked Judge Stephen Robinson for a summary judgment, saying its policy against surfing sexual Web sites is clear.It also claims Pacenza was told he could lose his job after an incident four months earlier, which Pacenza denies.A man says a shop sold him a stolen dirt bike; a videographer seeks payment from a band; a man who totaled his friend's car wants compensation from the person who was supposed to be his designated driver.

Pacenza, who has a wife and two children, said using the Internet at work was encouraged by IBM and served as "a form of self-medication" for post-traumatic stress disorder.A cop says his struggling stepdaughter stole belongings from his home; a woman says a neighbor's frightened dog damaged her doors while trying to get inside during a storm; a heated argument while riding a motorcycle leads to a crash and injuries.When an dealer sells a potbellied pig and later learns that the pig has been resold, she sues the new owner for the return of the pig; a woman says her teenage cat-sitter made a huge mess and stole her property.A man lets others pay for his emergency root canal then denies he ever asked for help; a woman sues the former friend who left a door open and allowed her dogs to escape from the house and get hit by a car.A landlord accuses a woman of renting an apartment for herself but letting someone else live there; a woman says her former friend put her dog out for stud without her permission and wrecked her home; a designated driver is accused of hitting a curb.

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Hey, Al Qaeda released another videotape today from their number two man. Oh, and by the way, I am the father of Anna Nicoles baby. Bush being spanked by the Statue Of Liberty passes by during the Rose Monday carnival parade in Mainz, western Germany, on Monday, Feb. Thousands of spectators attended the traditional street carnival parade in the state of Rhineland-Palatinates's capital.

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