Adult chat ellhniko

Posted by / 02-Sep-2020 05:49

When you randomly connect with someone on chat, the last thing you expect is for them to turn into a grinning serial killer or to meet a famous You Tuber.

However, this is exactly what happens in these videos.

What are the chances of bumping into Pew Die Pie on Omegle?

SSSniper Wolf can’t believe her luck when she finds the world’s most famous You Tuber on the random chat site and the conversation between the pair of them is hilarious! Watch to find out and see her encounter some other funny strangers including a guy with a green screen background who may be more famous than she realises.

There is nothing funnier than watching the reaction of people as a nightmare vision appears on their screen or when they think they have connected with their favorite celebrity.One of the funniest scare prank Omegle videos around, you will laugh your socks off as you watch people scream, fall, and run in fear when they connect with Smiley!An ever-smiling terror from the depths of your deepest fears, Smiley has two large slits covered in blood where his eyes should be and a smile that never fades.This funny Omegle video perfectly sums it up as a guy goes on a quest to meet new girls but just ends up confused.Watch as he hits on a girl while talking to a random guy who is ordering food from Sonic, see a tattooed girl talk about the craziest things you’ve ever heard, and watch as girls try to understand the simplest game in the world.

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