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Children with ADD and ADHD have a lot in common which means they can benefit from some of the same accommodations.If you found this list helpful, you may also be interested in these articles: 6 Blogs to follow on ADHD, ADHD reading problems, Dyspraxia vs.A student with attention issues will have difficulty focusing during a lesson or task. This makes it more likely that they miss important information and perform poorly on quizzes and exams.Teachers may notice a gap between the child’s written and spoken vocabulary.Fun and stimulating programs work best, particularly if they build on content covered in class.

They can work on lessons individually, in class, or with the support of a private tutor. This has boosted her confidence in the workplace tremendously.A 2017 study involving children and adults with ADHD used MRI scans to compare the brains of 3,200 participants with and without attention disorders (5).Researchers looked at brain volume in five regions and found significant differences in size, which were more prominent in children with both types of ADHD.These kids may need to move about regularly, have difficulty in social interactions with peers, and experience behavioural problems that can lead to frequent disciplinary action.It is a commonly held belief that the hyperactive subtype is characterized primarily by movement issues, but some specialists consider impulsivity to be the key difference between ADHD and ADD (2). These are students who appear to be paying attention in class.

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