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Shelby is a fairly short girl, in her "10 FACTS FOR 10K" video, she reveals she is 5'3 and 3/4 (she claims the 3/4 of an inch does matter).Her hair is naturally dark brown, but she has dyed it multiple times (currently blonde).The last tweet that he made about the situation was him defending himself from Keemstar, claiming "I have not called Slazo a rapist Keem and you full well know that I have not once referred to him as a rapist.Saying I have is simply untrue", ignoring the fact that he implied in his tweets that he thought Slazo was one.

A week later, he made a video defending James Charles called "Defending James Charles" after James' video, "No More Lies" came out of him debunking the allegations.

Due to this allegation, You Tubers like Im Allexx, Kingani, and Weest came out for their support of Chey.

However, when Slazo debunked these allegations and showed evidence that Chey's allegations were a lie, Im Allexx and many of his friends still sided with Chey and made various tweets, defending Chey and claiming Slazo was "manipulative".

If Papyrus is dead, it plays as the camera pans on Undyne waiting for Papyrus.

), better known online as Im Allexx (or just Alex), is a British You Tuber who is best known for his commentary videos mostly on trending topics.

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Danger Mystery is the 29th track in the Undertale Soundtrack.

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  1. Surely, Shawn Johnson is working hard for her paycheck which, as we reported earlier, would be 5,000 if she reaches the final two. We’re hoping — as we want to see more of her and her partner, Mark “Boner” Ballas. EARLIER BLOG ENTRIES ON SHAWN JOHNSON’S DWTS JOURNEY: Robert O’Ryan: Shawn Johnson’s Crazy Fan 25 March 2009Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson, who’s participating in the popular reality show Dancing With the Stars, has a crazy fan.